Art by PBR




It all started with...

PBR stands for Paula B. Radvansky.  Paula B. Radvansky is a Texas Artist and Designer.  She studied art and business at Texas Woman's University.  She studied graphic design at Southern Methodist University. Paula grew up in Clear Lake City, Texas just next door to NASA. This inspired thinking big and being optimistic about achieving anything you put your mind to. She finds inspiration in world events, current events and life events. This is always intertwined in her art.

ART by PBR is located just between Deep Ellum and downtown Dallas .   If you would like to see original or framed art  just email and request an appointment. or call 214-619-0456

Artist Statement

Paula B. Radvansky is a Dallas Texas Artist.   She brings values to her art that incorporate mind, body and soul.  These values convey optimism, good energy, healing and comfort.  Art is her first passion and next is interior design.  ART by PBR creates designs that communicate fresh positive energy.  These designs are created with hospitality projects in mind.  Projects such as hotels, resorts, hospitals, healthcare facilities and public places. These designs are also ideal for retail and interior design projects. Paula likes to create original paintings, metal, wood and acrylic prints, canvas gallery wrapped prints and paper framed prints ready to hang.

ART by PBR tells a story. The title of the art tells the viewer about the topic and the art itself tells the story. These stories are meant to unite, energize and motivate viewers, bringing positive energy to any space